We’ve Got Answers

Who is eligible to attend?

All Pennsylvania-registered school children.  Students from the home school district will have first preference.


How can I apply?

You can find a preliminary application on our website and at any of our Open Houses.  Once you have completed a preliminary application, you will be assigned an audition date and time.

Will there be bussing?

Yes, within limited boundaries.  (Your school district must be within 10 miles of the door of our school to get bussing.)


How does the audition process work?

Prospective students may audition in any number of the available artistic disciplines.  Audition scores will be based on a rubric measuring 1) interest and 2) aptitude in the art.

The Audition is for the purposes of proper placement and is not a criteria for acceptance.


What artistic majors will be offered?

The offerings will include:  Dance, Figure Skating, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music, Visual and Graphic Art.